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 Post subject: question about packets
PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:14 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:24 pm
200+ views and no replies! come on guys dont be shy! at the least just lmk if you can use 44 anymore on npcs :D

i originally posted this on etal but got basically no information so ill just paste it here. i wanted to originally do it here but had issues with registration and had to wait

i am fully aware that all of the dupe methods are patched but ladder is already boring so im playing around with packets and can't seem to understand whats going wrong. any help is much appreciated.
for those of you who were around when all the pub dupe stuff was happening(I wasnt) maybe you could help me with the 44(staff in orifice) packet cause i cant seem to shove a potion in anyones ass.

heres what im doing (using redvex and netstuff)

1) make new char join game never interact with anything

2) type .block receive add 51 then .block receive add 0e (not sure if this is necessary tried without it as well still doesnt work from what ive read this is to protect from graphical error) also would like to add i have tried .watch receive add 51/0e then walk around town and still shows me receiving those packets(is this supposed to happen?? / if so is the client receiving these and just not "using" them??)

3) type .watch send add 13 ( to get npc id) / .watch send add 19 (to get scroll/potion i want to shove in as staff)

4) click on (i've tried multiple npcs warriv/charsi/akara/gheed) to get the npc id

5) type .send 4400000000(8digit npc id)(8digit item on cursor id)03000000 with the item on cursor hovering over the npc <- (not sure what the 03000000 does but its in the original dupe method for putting staff in orifice using npc bh packet list says this is the "run" packet anyone know about this?)

at this point the item on cursor is supposed to disappear but it never does and im not sure why. has this been fixed completely?

in the original post of the a5/larzuk/nil dupe it says before doing steps 3/4/5 to .block send add 30 and then do those steps ive tried this as well but it causes my character to no longer be able to put an item on cursor or interact with anything (when i try i still get the packet info from watching) i assume i cant do actions because im locked in the npc message since im blocking terminate entity chat with the block send 30.
anyways after watching the youtube video of the a5 dupe i noticed the guy watchs for npc id (and never does it for the item on cursor??) and THEN sends 4400000000(npcid)(itemid)03000000 and THEN does the block 30
ive tried it both ways but doesnt seem to matter i can never get the item on cursor to disappear(item goes to orifice)

ive also tried a fresh guy in a5 using larzuk like the original dupe post suggests but the same thing happens and never result it the item on cursor dissappearing

my overall goal is to get the 44 to work and then test different things with it

does the 44 packet just not work anymore at all or am i doing something wrong?
could it be rv/netstuff?
i remember reading something on here in one of the dupe topics that blizz possibly changed something with the npc ids and can no longer work for 44 because they arent objects or something but it seemed like speculation... not sure it was hard to understand considering im very new to this kind of stuff
also ill add ive tried this using 1 window and multiple both with blocking 51 and 0e(on all windows and just 1) and not

i have not tried using a shrine yet

any help is much appreciated! as i said im new to all this and trying my best to learn. i have many things i would love to test but am struggling with some basics. d2 is boring after first week of reset so what could be more exciting than discovering the next usable method :) as far as i can tell no shops are selling dupes and it appears a dupe is nonexistent (or they to lazy to manually do it since all scripts/bots are broken)

happy hacking/developing gents/ladies! sorry for the wall of text!

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