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 Post subject: D2BS Rules & Guidelines - Free hugs if you read this!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:36 am 
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== Diablo II Botting System Section Rules

1) D2BS is not D2NT, if you want D2NT support ask in the D2NT support forums.

2) General Discussion Rules Apply

3) Offering D2JSP FG for support will get your topic locked, feel free to tip people if you want, but know that we do not support the transactions of FG for help. Simply ask your question, and wait for a response.

4) Do not make multiple topics, at most you should have one topic per page per forum. The exception to this is if your topics are completely unrelated, or are both very relevant. A mod may lock your topic otherwise.

5) You may report bugs you find on IRC, or on our Assembla Bug Tracker.

6) Unless you plan on developing something, there is no such thing as a script request forum.

These rules are subject to change, so check (in)frequently.

== D2BS Help/Support

1) Before asking questions related to D2BS/Scripts/Support please search the stickies, and read through some of the bigger threads.

2) If you must make a thread please adhere to the following guidelines. Please put the title of the script inside of your topic name inside of brackets, and at the very least please do your best to describe your question inside of your topic. How well your topic title is thought out may influence others to click on and answer your questions.

Examples of bad topic titles:
  • - hey i have a weird request (this title should be a bit more specific)
  • - Noob d2bs qstn!!! (ok, great, what does your question pertain to?)
  • - Prob;em (you wouldn't have posted otherwise, now would you?)

Examples of good topic titles:
  • - Changing to rejuv pots like old JSP YAMB did.
  • - NTBot is skipping Pindleskin and Countess
  • - D2BS and mySQL?

Examples of superior topic tiles:

  • - [NTBOT] Bot wont path to Duriel.
  • - [D2BS] Running multiple bots at once.

3) Feel free to revive old topics that have the same question you have (if it was not answered). Remember, there is really no need to create another topic for a problem that has been (un)solved. If you solve your issue outside of your topic please edit it and say that issue is resolved and give the solution if you feel it may be of help to others viewing the topic later.

4) Please post the section/portion of the code that is causing an error in
tags. If the code is longer than a few lines, PLEASE paste it to or and link us to that instead. This helps keep the post from growing to an abnormally large size.

Also, please post the error that was given by D2BS in it's fullest form. And if you can, please mark the line using ">>" when you paste your code. Doing this will allow the people who can help you have an easier time understanding what the real problem is. Note that you can get detailed error information from D2BS.log and simply copy/paste it here.

== D2BS Script Development

1) D2BS General Discussion rules apply.

2) This forum should be used for script development, examples, and modifications. Not personal support. Topics that are requesting help setting up a bot, will be moved to D2BS Help/Support.

3) If you are attempting a modification please do not ask the community to do it for you. You may ask for assistance with how to make a modification, however, and we will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

Edit[0]: Add last updated, fixed a wordage issue.
Edit[1]: Added something for script support.
Edit[2]: Added rules on topic posting/requesting.
Edit[3]: Edited forum names; Removed Bug Reports entry.
Edit[4]: Added rule on script requests.
Edit[5]: (bsdunx) Added new rule 1)
Edit[6]: (bsdunx) Amendment to guideline 3 for D2BS Help & Support.
Edit[7]: (lord2800) Cleaned up and updated.
Edit[8]: (lord2800) Updated rule about code tags.

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 Post subject: D2BS Help and Support posting guideline update
PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:55 pm 
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 4:34 am 
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