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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:57 am 
Administrator Gold
Administrator Gold

Joined: Fri Jul 27, 2001 1:00 am
Welcome to

This is a privately owned site. As such, there are rules that need to be followed.

Posting Rules
  • New threads should at least have a reason for being posted. Ask yourself: is this interesting, informative, funny, or in some way relative to the forum? If none are true, don't post.
  • Replies should be constructive or informative and add something to the conversation. If your reply is simply to get laughter, don't cry if its i-modded.
  • Flames and unrelated arguments/posts will be i-modded along with racial slurs and epithets with an intention to anger others or just throwing them around incoherently. Consistent behaviour will be punished.
  • Use of proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization will make your posts easier to read, And is strongly encouraged.
  • Don't post all in caps.
  • Don't post thread title in all caps.
  • Post in English. It's the official language of EoN.
  • If you post news, include a citation. Plagiarism of any kind is frowned upon.
  • If a moderator or thread creator disapproves/i-mods one of your posts, it's for a reason. Simply repeating the same post will result in another i-mod and, likely, further action against you.
  • Anything 18+ needs to be tagged in the thread title as such and linked in the thread. Don't [img] porn pics in a thread.
  • There is *zero* tolerance for posting any of the following:
    • Child pornography
    • Trojans/Viruses
    • Overly bloody images
    • Dead or mutilated bodies
    • Basically anything obscene or disturbing.
    • Faking death, whether it be your own or somebody elses. Unless you have proof, expect the thread to be trashed.
    • Links to OutWar, Kings of Chaos, Pimp War, Netbux, freeipod, or other referral sites.
    • Unsolicited advertisements
    • Links to your eBay, kijiji or other auction
  • Discussion of hacking, cracking, warez, illegal torrents, etc. is allowed but if a third-party takes action we will comply with the law.
  • Please do not quote pictures. It clutters the forums and makes posts huge.
  • Do not quote more than 9 previous quotes.
  • Do not page break. If you don't know what it is, don't ask and you'll do just fine.
  • Do not make a post just to talk to one user, Private Messages are there for a reason. If you need to talk to one person and one person only, use them.
  • Don't make topics stating that you want to become a moderator, or that current staff don't deserve their positions.
  • Do not bump extremely old topics.
  • Do not post in regards to banned users. There is a ban log available HERE. If you have questions regarding a ban, PM the administrator involved.
  • Similarly, there is a log for tags such as Nearly Banned HERE.
  • Don't ask for a custom tag. You won't get one.
  • If you are banned, please try to stay banned. If you come back and are caught, you will be banned again.
  • Don't create a new topic inquiring the reason for a previous locked/trashed topic. Use PMs.
  • You are allowed one account per person on EoN. If a users alt account is discovered, the alt will be banned and the user may be tagged as 'Nearly Banned'. A second offense will result in the users main account being banned.

Signature and Avatar Rules
  • No nudity, no gore, no racism, no giant blinking banners that say "FUCK".
  • Using a tag as an avatar is not allowed, this goes for all standard and custom tags.
  • Copying the signature or avatar of a staff member is forbidden. That goes not only for copies, but slight variations, imitations, parodies and anything else that may be perceived to be linked to a staff member.
  • Copying the signature or avatar of a user will not result in recourse unless the user being copied requests action. We encourage the users to attempt to handle conflicts through Private Messaging before contacting staff. Please be courteous in your request of another user.
  • Do not post simply to test to your sig or avatar. They are retroactive so simply find one of your old posts and use that.
  • Signatures shall be no more than 500x150 pixels!
  • Avatars shall be no more than 100x100pixels!
  • Signature shall be no more then 300kb and avatar shall be no more then 150kb!
  • Signatures shall not contain ethnic targeted insults
  • Do not steal others user's artwork. If your are reported your avatar and/or signature will be removed and you will lose your sig/ava privileges.
  • NO more than 3 signature images per user(adding up to a max of 500 pixels in width). Excessive text will be removed.
  • Users will be warned and have their offending signature/avatar removed on the first offence, continued offenses will have their signature/avatar privileges removed.


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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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